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    Maximizing Joint Health: The Elliptical Machine's Low-Impact Magic

    Is Elliptical Good for Knees?

    Explore the benefits and concerns of using an elliptical for knee health. Find out if it's the right low-impact workout for you.

    OCTOBER 26, 2023   |    3 Mins Read


    Cardiovascular health is crucial, but what if your knees scream in pain at the mere thought of running or hopping?

    When it comes to keeping your knees safe while working out, elliptical machines are your best bet. For those battling arthritis, these stationary devices are not just exercise equipment—they're key for a more comfortable and efficient fitness regimen.

    Why Choose Elliptical Machines for Arthritic Joints?

    Those with arthritis are well aware of the challenges they face. Maintaining a balance between staying active and not aggravating their condition can be tricky. Those with arthritis in the lower body can count on elliptical machines for two top benefits: strengthening the muscles and improving cardiovascular health, all the while minimizing joint strain. Here are other reasons why you should add an elliptical session to your routine today:

    Stable movement that minimizes strain

    Unlike running outdoors or on a treadmill, elliptical machines are designed to minimize jarring motions. Your feet stay anchored, effortlessly gliding, mimicking a running motion minus the intense impact.

    Strengthens the muscles that support the knees

    Focusing on the elliptical can strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees. This not only offers relief but also minimizes the stress on your joints, potentially reducing cartilage deterioration.

    Gentler than most cardio exercises

    Elliptical workouts inherently exert less strain than many other cardio exercises, such as outdoor running or even treadmills. And, compared to rowing machines? Ellipticals tend to be the gentler option.

    Helps with recovery

    Ellipticals aren't just for fitness. They're popular tools in rehabilitation, especially for those combating knee issues or arthritis. Beyond the knees, they can be helpful for general lower back and hip concerns, including post-surgery scenarios.

    Why Ellipticals Are Easy on the Joints

    Unlike traditional walking or jogging, where one foot is always off the ground, elliptical training ensures both feet are consistently on the platform. This design makes less of an impact on the knees, which means more stability and less stress.

    Using a treadmills might increase the pressure on your joints due to the lifting motion. Using an elliptical, on the other hand, makes for a more fluid, stress-reduced workout.

    More Benefits of Ellipticals

    Does less joint stress mean a less effective workout? Science says no. The energy you use on an elliptical is almost the same as running on a flat treadmill. Ellipticals are also versatile: you can adjust the speed and resistance, targeting specific muscles. For example, moving forward on the elliptical works out the front of your legs. Moving backward works out the back of your legs.

    But, ellipticals aren't the only way to exercise when you have arthritis. Make sure you complement your elliptical sessions with other exercises, like strengthening and flexibility routines to boost your joint health and improve your mobility.

    Tips to Maximize Your Elliptical Workout

    To make the most out of your elliptical experience, consider the following:

    1. Warm-Up is Crucial: Before hopping on the elliptical, start with some light stretching or a quick walk.
    2. Pick the Right Shoes: The right shoes can make your elliptical sessions even better for your knees. Pick shoes with a strong arch support or orthotic inserts to ensure optimal hip and knee alignment. If you also indulge in some running, lightweight, zero-drop shoes might be ideal.
    3. Stand Straight: Don't slouch, even when you’re tired. Standing straight with relaxed shoulders is the way to go.
    4. Hold the Handlebars: Lightly grip the handlebars for balance. Gripping the handlebars also ensures you engage both the upper and lower body for a comprehensive workout.
    5. Pace Yourself: Exercise is great, but overdoing it can take a toll on you. Start with short sessions and gradually extend your workout duration. Aim for consistency and let your body adapt.

    Can Ellipticals Hurt Your Knees?

    Ellipticals have many benefits, but using them wrong can cause problems. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes when on the elliptical machine:

    Stride Mismatch

    Each elliptical has a set way of moving or "stride length." If it doesn't match how you naturally walk or run, it can be uncomfortable. If you run into this problem, pause your workout and ask the gym staff to adjust the stride of your machine.

    Changing Intensity

    Ellipticals let you easily adjust how hard or fast you work out. But if you don't like sudden changes, picking a manual setting might be better for you.

    Using Only Ellipticals

    While ellipticals help work out your knees and hips, using only them can make some muscles stronger than others. It's a good idea to mix in other exercises for a balanced workout.

    Can Wearing Knee Sleeves Enhance My Elliptical Session?

    Using knee compression sleeves during an elliptical workout can offer added support and stability, especially for those with weaker knees. These sleeves promote better blood circulation, potentially reducing post-workout swelling. They also keep the knee joint warm, leading to more flexibility and a reduced risk of strains.

    Some users also find pain relief with compression sleeves, which creates a more comfortable exercise experience. The sleeves can also heighten proprioception, helping you maintain better form during your workouts.

    What Is the Best Knee Sleeve for Working Out on the Elliptical?

    The Koprez Knee compression sleeve is a form of compression garment ideal for elliptical machine workouts for several reasons:

    1. Optimized Compression: Koprez offers a balanced compression level, enhancing blood circulation without restricting movement. This promotes joint health and reduces post-workout swelling, crucial for those using the elliptical.
    2. Pain Relief: The sleeve is great at easing workout-induced pain. The consistent compression it offers eases any discomfort, ensuring pain-free workouts on the elliptical and beyond.
    3. Enhanced Proprioception: The sleeve's design heightens your awareness of your knee position, helping you maintain proper form on the elliptical, which is vital for injury prevention.
    4. Durability: Built with high-quality materials, Koprez promises longevity, even with regular, intense use, offering value for money.
    5. Versatile: The Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve is suitable for various other exercises. Whether you're lifting weights, practicing yoga, or out on a run, the Koprez sleeve has you covered.

    The Koprez knee compression sleeve is uniquely suited to optimize elliptical workouts, ensuring safety, comfort, and style.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, elliptical machines present an unparalleled blend of joint-friendliness and fitness efficacy. If you're looking for an optimal workout experience, especially with arthritic concerns, it's time to embrace the elliptical magic. Your joints—and overall health—will undoubtedly express their gratitude.


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    Claire Evans worked as the content marketing manager at Koprez. Claire combined a background of writing and editing, marketing, and patient education to best serve consumers, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who relies on the Koprez brand for helpful information.

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