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    What our customers think

    "I have a weak ankle, and the Koprez ankle sleeve has been a lifesaver. Wear it every day. Super breathable and comfortable. Like wearing a cool sporty looking sock!"

    James F.

    "This is the best knee sleeve I've ever tried. It's now a must-have for all my exercises. A few years ago, I had an accident that damaged my knees, but with Koprez I can be active again with no knee pains at all. It's been truly amazing!"

    Alex M.

    "One of the best purchases I've ever made. It fits your legs all the way from top to bottom, great snug fit, gives you support and definitely helps during rehab and training."

    Rafael A.

    "I had a minor elbow injury, and Koprez sleeve was super supportive and definitely helped me recover faster. I still use the sleeve to prevent further injury. So far, so good. Very comfortable and does not feel hot at all. Highly recommend!"

    Corey B.

    "I've just got back to running after a couple of years of being plagued by injury. These compressions socks are helping give me peace of mind while I build up my distance again. They are the perfect level of compression, super comfy, and very high quality. Feel great while on a run, and looks great in the orange colour I have!"

    Dave R.

    "It's really been a game-changer for me. It allows me to exercise a lot longer than I used to. Now my knees don't hurt, and they're not uncomfortable at all."

    Mike P.

    "Great product!!"


    "I have carpal tunnel, and this brace has helped me work pain-free. Love the materials, and I can feel my wrists slowly getting better, even when I don't wear them!"

    Christopher J.

    "I sprain my wrist super often, so I decided to try out this sleeve. This is game-changing! I've been using it for a while now, and my wrists feel amazing. I haven't gotten in any injuries since using it too. It just makes my wrists feel so supported."

    Alexis A.

    "Use this for my boxing training. It is a very comfortable brace and does not move out of position during skipping ropes and sparring sessions. I use it while running too. Probably the best brace I've purchased throughout the years. It is very flexible. Makes me look like a pro! :)"

    Samuel L.

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