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    Types of Knee Sleeves For Running | Koprez Knee Sleeves

    Types of Knee Sleeves For Running: What You Need to Know


    Avid sports runner? Spend hours pounding the pavement each week? Or do you just want to keep your knees feeling good during intense runs? Knee sleeves can be an asset to your running session. But what types of knee sleeves are best for running?

    While you may think of all knee sleeves as the same, several different types can offer varying levels of protection and comfort depending on your needs. Here is a look at some of the different types of knee sleeves for running and how they can help you.

    Closed Patella vs. Open Patella Knee Compression Sleeves

    Runner's knee, also medically known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, is a common injury among runners, which can be caused by misalignment or improper tracking of the kneecap.

    Pain in the knee, around the kneecap, and in the front of the thigh are the common manifestations of runner’s knee. The pain can be severe enough for runners to inhibit movement and reduce running performance. That’s where the right type of knee sleeve comes in.

    The main difference between a closed patella sleeve and open patella sleeve is that open patella sleeves have a curved cutout around the kneecap to prevent the sleeve from rubbing against the kneecap and to provide more stability. Compression sleeves, designed with an open patella, do wonders in relieving pressure on the knee, and offers added support to the kneecap for proper movement and tracking. On the other hand, a closed patella sleeve looks more like a regular knee brace and offers more support to the entire knee joint. It provides the most support by evenly compressing the knee, and directing the pressure evenly around the joint.

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    Leg Compression Sleeves vs . Knee Braces

    If you’re looking for support throughout your lower leg, then a compression sleeve is the way to go. Compression sleeves provide even pressure and support to the entire length of the leg, starting at the thigh and working their way down to the ankle. This helps reduce fatigue caused by running and other activities while promoting circulation throughout the lower leg.

    The Koprez® Leg Compression Sleeve provides lightweight yet sturdy support to the entire leg. It’s designed with a breathable, stretchy fabric that hugs your legs comfortably and provides ultimate support.

    On the other hand, a knee brace offers more targeted support to just the knee area. Knee braces are typically made of metal, foam, or plastic and provide stabilization to the joint while allowing movement. This is more of an orthopaedic support, as opposed to a compression sleeve, and may be beneficial for those recovering from knee injuries or dealing with chronic knee pain.

    Slip-On Knee Sleeves vs. Knee Wraps

    Knee wraps spiral snugly around the knee through multiple wraps, providing the most support and stability of all knee sleeves available. They also help to actively reduce swelling in the knee area and promote improved circulation.

    The Koprez® Knee Compression Sleeves feature a one-piece design that comes with an adjustable strap for a secure and comfortable fit. It's a two-in-one garment, providing compression and warmth and offers the same level of support as a knee wrap.

    Slip-on sleeves provide moderate support and warmth to the knee, which is great for runners dealing with mild to moderate pain levels. Knee wraps are best suited for more serious leg injuries, as they provide a secure feeling, maximum compression, and stability.

    Knee sleeves come in varying sizes, each with a specific purpose:

    • 3mm knee sleeves are for moderate activities like brisk walking or light jogging
    • 5mm sleeves are great for lifting, squats and more intense workouts
    • 7mm sleeves are the most supportive and ideal for competitive powerlifters and athletes participating in high-impact sports.

    Extra Features to Consider

    Of course, these knee sleeves may have additional features like moisture-wicking fabric, gel pads, and stabilizers. All of these features can add to your knee sleeve's overall comfort and effectiveness. When shopping for the best knee sleeves, consider the features most benefit you and your running goals.

    Gel Pads

    Gel pads surround the patella with additional cushioning and protection. This can help alleviate pain from running activities and reduce friction, allowing for better tracking of the kneecap. Usually, open-patella knee sleeves come with gel pads for increased comfort and support while it moves to contour your knee for maximum stability and support. The open-patella design helps to reduce the pressure applied to the kneecap, allowing for a full range of motion.


    These are specially designed features that stabilize the knee and prevent it from moving too far backward or forward while running. They provide extra support, particularly when you’re making sudden movements or changes in direction during your run. These stabilizers typically come in the form of straps or bands, and can often be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit.

    Moisture-wicking fabric

    This feature is particularly beneficial for runners who tend to sweat a lot during exercise. Moisture-wicking fabric helps keep your knee cool and comfortable by drawing away moisture from the skin, keeping you dry and feeling refreshed even in hot weather or after a long run.

    Graduated Compression Knee Sleeves: How Do They Help with Running?

    Graduated compression knee sleeves offer precisely-targeted support and relief while running, significantly decreasing muscular fatigue that athletes might experience when exercising. This can help unlock an athlete's full potential and enhance their overall endurance ability.

    Wearing knee sleeves for running can also aid in alleviating post-exercise soreness and promote recovery times by speeding up the delivery of oxygenated blood to muscles, which helps flush out toxic metabolic waste like lactic acid. For your compression and support needs, the Koprez® knee compression sleeve is scientifically-designed to benefit any runner who wants to take the performance of their runs up a notch.

    Get your Koprez® knee sleeves today and start running confidently knowing you have superior protection and support!

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