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    How to Put on Compression Socks the Simplified Way

    Learn how to put on compression socks with these simple steps.

    jUNE 9, 2023   |    2 Mins Read


    Putting on compression socks may seem as simple as putting on regular socks. But compression socks come with targeted zonal compression and are often tight-fitting so that they can provide the desired therapeutic effect. 

    Detailed Guide on How to Put On Compression Socks Easily

    Step 1: Turn the Compression Sock Inside Out

    How to put on compression socks the easy and effective way

    Slide your hand into the sock and grab the toe part. One of the easiest techniques for putting on compression socks is to turn the sock inside out. Make sure to keep the toe of the sock facing outward. 

    Expert tip:

    Apply lotion to your legs and make sure to they are dry before putting on compression socks. This will prevent it from sliding down your legs.

    Step 2: Pull the Top of the Sock Down Around Your Arm

    Gently tug the upper part of the stocking over your arm, allowing it to reach your arm. While doing so, pinch the toe to ensure it remains right side out. Doing this will allow the top of the sock to be turned inside out

    Expert tip:

    Put on compression socks as soon as you wake up in the morning. At this time, your legs have been  elevated during sleep, which means they are less likely to be swollen. If you forgot to put them on in the morning, make sure to raise your legs for about 20 - 30 minutes before putting the socks on.

    Step 3: Put Your Toes into the Sock

    Gently insert your toes into the sock. Slide them into the opening of the sock, making sure that the toe area is properly aligned and straightened for a comfortable fit.

    Step 4: Gently Pull the Sock to Your Heel

    Guide the sock over your heel. While your toe maintains a firm grip on the bottom of the sock, smoothly pull the lower part of the sock over your heel, ensuring that your entire foot is enclosed within the sock.

    Expert tip:

    Ensure that the top of the compression socks sit two fingers width below your knees.

    Step 5: Slide the Sock Up Your Leg

    Gently glide the stocking up your leg. Using the palms of your hands, carefully maneuver the stocking upwards and over your calf. As you do so, the inside-out top portion of the sock will naturally roll up and revert to the right-side out position.

    Step 6: Do the Other Leg

    Repeat the same steps for your other leg. If your healthcare provider has recommended compression stockings for both legs, simply follow the same instructions previously mentioned. Aim to have the stockings reach the same point on both your legs for consistent support and effectiveness.

    Read this guide to learn how tight should compression socks be.

    What to Check After Putting on Compression Socks?

    Once you've put on your compression socks, take a few seconds to inspect them. 

    • Make sure the sock has been pulled up to your knee, or as prescribed by your healthcare provider. 
    • Check for any wrinkles or folds that may compromise the effectiveness of the socks. If you notice visible bunches, gently smooth them out using your fingers. 
    • Ensure there is no excessive pressure on certain areas of the foot and leg. 
    Learn how to care and wash compression socks to maintain its effectiveness.

    Slip-On Koprez®️ Compression Socks the Easy Way

    Koprez®️ compression socks make the process of putting on stockings a breeze. With slip-on convenience, you can quickly and easily put them on without struggling to roll or pull them up your leg. Simply slide your foot into the sock, slip it upward, and you're all set. 

    Our medical-grade compression socks are constructed with a unique combination of support and comfort, featuring targeted zonal compression to help relieve common leg ailments.

    Make the process of wearing compression socks simple and hassle-free with Koprez! Shop our selection of knee-high compression socks today and experience the difference firsthand.


    Claire Evans worked as the content marketing manager at Koprez. Claire combined a background of writing and editing, marketing, and patient education to best serve consumers, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who relies on the Koprez brand for helpful information.

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