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    Bruce Dusmez: Unleashing His Greatness

    Bruce Dusmez: Unleashing His Greatness

    As young athletes, all they want is to unleash their greatness. They dream of the day they can achieve their goals and be the best they can be. For Bruce Dusmez, that day will come sooner than later. Bruce Dusmez is 16 years old and a sprinter. He's spent the last few years training intensely and ready to unleash his greatness.

    Bruce started playing soccer at the age of 6 and played through his teen years. But at 15 years old, he decided to drop soccer and fully focus on sprinting. He found that his pace was his greatest strength—so he decided to pursue it. At such a young age, Bruce is already ranked 2nd in the 200m race and 4th in the 100m race of the whole Victoria, Australia. This is a story of how Bruce Dusmez has continually unleashed his greatness throughout his career as a professional sprinter. 

    Before a race, preparation is key. He mentioned before both the physical and mental components are important to consider. He recalls the state championships from 5 months ago. He was extremely nervous before the 200m race. A few days leading up to the event, Bruce began to panic. On the warmup track, he nearly pulled out of the race altogether. But then, he told himself to trust his training. He ran the race and placed second. For those who don't feel mentally ready for an event, Bruce recommends trusting your training and don't doubt yourself.

    The pre-season was tough for Bruce. He injured his hamstring three times and it was a real battle to get back to full fitness. Bruce is still dealing with his injury, but he is making progress and getting stronger all the time. He is confident that he will be back to his best soon. This injury has not stopped him from dreaming big, instead, he has learned a lot about himself from it.

    "I have also learnt to train not only hard, but smart. This means knowing my body extremely well, and sometimes choosing not to put it in risk. This includes doing extra warmups, to ensure the muscles are warmed up. I personally think positive, and even with a hamstring injury, I did every single thing required in the rehab process (e.g. strengthening, and recovery)."

    However, he has learned that you can't rush the rehabilitation process and that everything matters, not just what you do on the track. You have to recover well too, using things like compression sleeves by Koprez.

    The training process before a race is not only making sure he is showing up to training 6 days a week, but it is also a mental battle. Bruce makes sure his mind is ready to compete, feeling confident, as well as recovering well after training. The few days before a race is often lighter training to ensure enough blood flows around the body. He usually stretches and relaxes his mind one day before a race, telling himself I am running to win. The most important part is being disciplined, especially a couple of days before a race. He must have a good amount of sleep, and water to ensure his muscles are ready. Lastly, he never loses hope and believes his training will help him cross the finish line first.

    But of course, he is also prepared for the possibility that he doesn't win. Losing is a part of the sport, but what makes Bruce different is his reaction to it.

    "Although times may not be great sometimes, there are up and downs in life, and it will not always go your way. That is why I am prepared to fail at times. The most important thing is that if you do fail, you must overcome it by doing whatever is required to turn that failure into success. I also remember my mom telling me that “as long as you continue doing what you're passionate about, you will find success.”

    Bruce thinks his age is his strength, not his limitation. Being 16 years old, with this kind of mindset, it is no doubt that Bruce will find success in his career. In his spare time, he focuses on recovering well, eating well, training well, and also posting and editing videos on TikTok.

    This season, Bruce is aiming for greatness. He's training hard and finding inspiration in being an influencer—as well as in the process of preparing for races. For Bruce, part of the challenge and excitement of racing is the opportunity to inspire others. When he posts about his training on social media, he knows that he might be reaching people facing their challenges—and that his story could help them find the strength to keep going. In this way, Bruce sees himself as a runner and an influencer and motivator. Despite heavy training loads throughout the week, Bruce feels committed to becoming the fastest in Australia—and he believes he can make it happen!

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