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How to wear

Koprez® Knee Sleeve

1. Put on the brace as shown in the illustration.
2. Cross both straps on the front of your knee. 
3. Follow through with one of the strap towards the back and secure it on the front of the sleeve.
4. Repeat the same step for the remaining strap. 
**Brace should be worn directly on your skin, and not over clothing, for maximum grip & support.

Koprez® Ankle Sleeve

1. Put on the ankle sleeve as shown in the illustration.
2. Hold both straps up.
3. Cross both straps around your ankle and the top of your foot.
4. Bring the straps towards the back of your foot.
5. Cross both straps around the back of your foot.
6. Bring the straps towards the front, and stick both straps onto each other.

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