19th September, 2023 | Written by Harvey Nix

The Controversial Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Changing Lives: Why Dr. Mike Allen Risked His Career For It

In an upscale Boston clinic, one physical therapist dared to defy conventional protocols for a groundbreaking solution: The Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve. But when he started recommending the Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve, eyebrows were raised. Why? Because this wasn't the clinic's standard protocol. But for those who took his advice, the results were nothing short of miraculous.

"Clinic guidelines are important," Dr. Allen commented, "but my primary duty is to my patients. And when I saw the results they were experiencing, I just had to share it with them."

When news of Dr. Allen's unconventional treatment spread beyond the clinic walls, he was met with strong opposition from Clinic Management. He faced suspension for not following protocol and recommending an unproven product.

"When a 57-year-old patient, who has lost his job due to the crippling pain of plantar fasciitis, comes to you seeking relief, it strikes a chord," began Dr. Allen, recounting the pivotal experience that reshaped his approach.

Dr. Allen remembered the desperation in the eyes of his patient, Mr. Thompson. This man was not only grappling with the sharp, searing pain that plantar fasciitis brought with each step, but he was also burdened by the loss of his livelihood. The agony in his foot wasn't just a physical torment; it was a barrier that prevented him from providing for himself.

"Mr. Thompson would often share with me how he had to give up his job because he couldn't stand for extended periods. The pain was unbearable. And what's even more heartbreaking? He couldn't afford regular physical therapy sessions to alleviate his suffering," Dr. Allen’s voice was heavy with emotion as he continued.

So, what did you do, Dr. Allen?

"I couldn't just prescribe the usual remedies and send him off. I felt a responsibility," he confessed. "I began searching extensively for affordable alternatives that could help. That's when I stumbled upon the Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve. It wasn't a product our clinic endorsed or sold, but its impressive design and the medical-backing appealed to me."

So, what makes this sleeve so different?

Grounded in comprehensive medical research, the Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve emerged from a collaborative effort by top orthopedists seeking a targeted solution for this debilitating foot condition. Their collective experience and insights guided the creation of a product that doesn't merely mask the symptoms, but addresses the very core of the problem.

At the heart of plantar fasciitis is inflammation resulting from minuscule tears in the fascia. Traditional treatments have, for the most part, only scratched the surface. However, these pioneering orthopedists recognized the need to directly target and treat these tiny disruptions, which are the root cause of the pain.

Immediate Relief: When you wear the Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve, it’s not just about feeling good in the moment. While the specially crafted compression provides an immediate sense of relief, it's the fruit of rigorous anatomical studies. The compression isn’t random or uniform – it’s meticulously designed to embrace the foot in areas most affected by plantar fasciitis, offering a timely reprieve from those debilitating pain peaks.

Accelerates Healing: Koprez’s medical-grade compression allows enhanced circulation that delivers crucial nutrients to effectively remove waste products from your system. This contributes to a rapid recovery, as fast as half the normal recovery time.

Long-Term Relief: Beyond the instant comfort, the brilliance of the Koprez sleeve becomes evident in its long-term benefits. The orthopedists ensured the design would enhance blood circulation, a key element in healing those fascial tears. With consistent wear, the sleeve not only diminishes inflammation but also fosters the repair of the ligament, minimizing the risk of subsequent episodes.

With all these benefits in mind, it is apparent that the sleeve solves plantar fasciitis in every stage of the condition.

Dr. Allen might have sidestepped traditional clinic guidelines, but for his patients, his revolutionary recommendation has paved a new path to pain-free living. The Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is proving to be a game-changer, blending age-old therapy with modern-day science.

While still facing a potential suspension, Dr. Allen continued to advocate for the sleeve. "I've seen first-hand the transformation it has brought to people," he shared. "The Koprez sleeve isn't just a band-aid solution. It uses the principles of compression therapy to offer both quick relief and long-lasting healing."

Many of his patients rallied behind him. Like Mark Jensen, a marathon runner who said, “After using the Koprez Sleeve, not only did I return to running, but I also achieved my personal best. Dr. Allen's recommendation changed my life.”

"I was skeptical at first," admits one of Dr. Wallace's patients, Sarah. "But after just 2 weeks of consistent use, the pain subsided. And after 6 weeks, I was totally healed! It felt like magic, but really, it's just science."

The Verdict

Sarah Williams:

"I was skeptical about the Koprez Sleeve at first, having heard plenty of promises from 'miracle products' before. But after just one week, my morning foot pain vanished. I can move around my home, take my dog for a walk, and enjoy life without that constant, nagging pain—something I never thought a product could achieve."

Michael Rhodes:

"After years of trying everything from orthotic insoles to new footwear with no consistent relief, the Koprez Sleeve was a game-changer: within just three days, my midday pain subsided, and a month in, it feels like the sleeve is actually tackling the root cause. And those unexpected flare-ups are rare."

Emily Clarkson:

"I've always been an active person - yoga, jogging, you name it. But plantar fasciitis nearly stole that from me. Dr. Allen recommended the Koprez Sleeve, and, honestly, it's changed my life. Within a couple of weeks, I was completely healed! Now I only wear the sleeve when I will be on my feet a lot, like long jogs and hikes. Not only can I get back to my routines without fear of pain, I also have not felt any hints of plantar fasciitis pain for the longest time."


The Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is transforming lives, but with such demand, stocks are dwindling. Don’t let pain hold you back. Secure your sleeve today and embrace a pain-free tomorrow.

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    James F.

    My wife has quite bad plantar fasciitis and any significant amount of walking can cause it to flare up leaving her almost unable to walk. I saw the Koprez Ankle Compression Sleeve on a TikTok video and thought I'd get them for her to try out. She absolutely loves them and the improvement had been extraordinary! We went into the city on the weekend, was walking around for over an hour, and she barely had any discomfort. These truly are exceptional and I will be purchasing a second pair imminently.

    Reply17Sunday, January 10, 2023 02:44 PM
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    Joana L.

    I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for a year and a half now, and still going to my foot specialist, since I purchased the Koprez ankle sleeves, I never felt so much relief in so long. I am on my feet all day long at work I don't feel that sharp throbbing pain under my heal as much. I am so very happy that I purchased these thank you very much.

    Reply8Saturday, January 7, 2023 08:23 AM
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    Jorge J.

    My podiatrist told me I needed to wear shoes and insoles for my plantar fasciitis. I hate socks and having my toes covered. So these solve both my problems. I definitely recommend them and will be wearing mine constantly.

    Reply9Saturday, December 29, 2022 8:35 PM