How Badass People With Rheumatoid Arthritis Are Treating Their Knee Pains And Swellings, On Their Own, Using The Rheumatologist’s Recommended Knee Sleeves.

28th September, 2023 | Written by Victor Lee

When it comes to treating arthritis without drugs, exercise is what most rheumatologists recommend. This is why there is a whole thing in medicinal science called physical therapy. 

But, exercising when you have arthritis? That is like swinging a double-edged sword when you don’t even know how to use a kitchen knife without chopping your fingers off.

In simple words, doing regular exercise is all fine and dandy, and it can definitely reduce severe arthritis pains and swellings… but when you have arthritis, exercising (even if you’re doing everything right) can damage your joints, causing you more pain and suffering.

That is exactly why some orthopedics and rheumatologists don’t even recommend exercise because they know it’s risky. Now, being a badass person yourself, who cannot imagine sitting around and doing nothing, you may be asking yourself this question...

“There must be a way to take benefit of exercise without breaking my legs, right?”

Glad you imagined that inside your head.

Thanks to badass people like you, there is one thing that can make it happen.

We know them as knee sleeves. But here’s the thing…

Normal knee sleeves, that you get from Walmart, aren’t that great.

See… normal knee sleeves are designed for normal people, who wouldn’t mind spending their remaining life being on their couch, watching Netflix, and chilling. They’re not designed for badass doers like you, who don’t know how to stop even if their joints scream in pain.

And if they were great… every person with arthritis would be using them! And every doctor would recommend them instead of prescribing you drugs that just numb your pain and do nothing about the damage that this agonizing disease is doing to your joints. This is where…

The rheumatologist’s recommended Koprez® knee sleeves come in to help.

Knee Compression Sleeves

Here are 5 good reasons why a badass like you need them:

1. Instant Pain Killer

Koprez® knee sleeves compress your knee joints and warm up your joint fluids, which reduces swelling and makes the pain go away in 5 minutes or less. It’s like the icy-hot but designed specifically for badass people with severe knee pains. All credit goes to our team, who chose quality materials, which make Koprez® knee sleeves able to heat and compress your joints super fast. Normal knee sleeves take 30 minutes or more to do exactly that.

2. Mobility Booster

Koprez® knee sleeves come with stretchable straps you use to tighten the sleeves even further. Doing that provides more support to your knee joints and forces your hamstring muscles to do all the lifting (these muscles can handle 40X more load than your joints). This helps you to do more than what you thought you were capable of. That’s what she said.

3. Protector of Joints

Since Koprez® knee sleeves compress and warm your joint fluids at the same time, you get to slow down the damage arthritis does to your knees. Just like you warm up engine oil before taking any fancy car for a ride; compressing and warming up your joints lubricates them with synovial fluid; which, you guessed it, keeps wear and tear to a bare minimum.

4. Enemy of Arthritis

Arthritis is basically a medical term to describe severe swelling of the synovium membrane (which is a soft cushion between your joints that allow them to move without grinding each other). When you compress and warm up your knees, the swelling goes away, the synovium membrane gets back to its normal shape, and your joints starts slipping like normal too.

5. Ultra Durable Sleeves

Koprez® knee sleeves wouldn’t be Koprez® if they were not durable. Our team used rugged materials to bring these sleeves to badass doers like you, so they can last for years to come. And guess what? And aside from being long-lasting… these sleeves look super dope too.

Combine all of that and you get to enjoy your life to your fullest without crippling yourself to a wheelchair. So, if you’re a badass doer like we think you are… order your pair of Koprez® knee sleeves today. 

Changed my life!

I’m a 56 years old with a severe arthritis on both my knees. There were times when I was walking and my knees would collapsed. There were also days where I can’t even go to work because of how bad my arthritis is. So I decided to try and see for myself and YESSSS! This really has helped me with my arthritis!

Mike B.

Best sleeve ever.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis I was not able to take the normal medication as it shuts down kidney function. I work as a retail volunteer and being on my feet a long time the sleeve helps a great deal with the pain and helps me move with ease.

Cheryl M.

Supports my knees!

Wore it today whilst exercising as l have arthritis it supported my knee well on my bike ride in the morning and my weights session in the afternoon. My inflammation and swelling around my knee was definitely reduced. Thank you this product does work well.

Gavin M.


Running, cycling, and even walking, can be extremely tough on our joints. The constant motion and high-impact nature of many daily activities put a lot of strain on our knees, hips, and ankles.

Now's the time to bid farewell to those nagging aches and pains and go back to doing what you love with the Koprez® Knee Compression Sleeves! Experience faster recovery times improved circulation, and increased joint stability with this top-of-the-line compression sleeve.


Comes with a free e-book on how to treat knee pains (valued at $14.99).

Comes with a free e-book on how to treat knee pains.

(valued at $14.99)

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