Pain While Moving Your Wrists? Do This To See If You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

And see what you can do to relieve the pain and make sure it doesn’t get worse.

If you ever felt tiny ants crawling inside your thumb and fingers (except the pinky one)...

Do This…

Make a fist on both hands, bump your fists together and keep them together.

Now, open your fists while pressing the back of your hands and fingers together. Like this:

Stay that way for 60 seconds.

Now, what you did above is a physiological test (called Phalen’s maneuver) to see if you have carpal tunnel syndrome; a disorder, which squeezes your median nerve, and causes inflammation, numbness, tingling, weakness, and constant pain in your wrists.

If you did this test and your ring finger tingled or went numb…

It’s time you visited a physiotherapist.

But, let’s just say you already knew that.

And you want to do something about it until you go visit a doctor. If that’s the case…

You can do the most tried and tested method of reducing that constant pain and that is…

Buying a good wrist brace.

What it’ll do is prevent your median nerve from getting squeezed (which is what causes carpal tunnel syndrome), keep your wrist straight as you sleep, and remove stress from the nerve when you perform daily tasks. There are other things you can do on your own like:

  • Stretching your hands by making a fist then releasing your fingers and stretching them out as far as possible. Do this stretch 5 to 10 times, every 20 minutes or so.
  • Applying hot and cold compresses to your wrist every 3 to 6 hours.
  • Taking breaks frequently and make sure you’re not moving your hands too much.

We believe a wrist brace is the best option because it’s more convenient and provides your wrist enough support to prevent inflammation and reduce carpal tunnel pains.

And multiple scientific studies back our belief. Here’s one of them.

While we’re biased in recommending Koprez® wrist braces (because we make them)...

There are multiple reasons why you will love wearing ours.

Here are five of those reasons:

1. Makes the pain go away in 5 minutes or less.

Koprez® is one of the very few wrist compression braces, which heat and compress your carpal tunnel so well… you stop feeling pains and numbness in less than 5 minutes. Most compression braces do not offer this, which is why they’re a complete waste of money.

2. Super slim yet super durable.

It feels (and looks) cool and comfortable compared to old, bulky wrist braces. The materials we use are warm yet breathable, so you sweat less and do more.

3. Keeps you safe from further deterioration and damage.

Since the Koprez® wrist brace is designed for daily use, wearing it all day (and all night) allows you to not only end carpal tunnel pains but also keep it from deteriorating fast.

4. Machine washable

It is also machine washable. You can throw it inside your washing machine on a regular basis (along with your clothes) and keep it clean and fresh, always.

5. Top-quality materials

Koprez® Wrist Compression Brace comes with a 90-day guarantee. So, if you don’t like it — you can (and should) claim your refund and you will get your money back with zero excuses or hassle.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what other people are saying about it.

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Amazing for carpal tunnel!

I have carpal tunnel, and these braces helped alleviate the numbness and tingling that I feel whenever I use my hands. I also wear them while I sleep, and they stay really cool and comfortable. I cannot recommend them enough. The annoying sensations are completely gone!

Christopher K.

Super comfortable.

I suffer from a severe carpal tunnel syndrome, and the wrist braces that the Dr gave me are stiff as a board and hurt my entire arm down to my fingertips. These are stiff enough to help the pain and flexible enough for my day-to-day activities. They are also way more comfortable to sleep in over the stiff ones. :)

Ariel O.

Perfect for wrist pains!!

Previously, long hours on the computer have been torture for my wrists. It not only ruined my work productivity, but it also took the joy out of the things I used to love, like cooking, and I even completely stopped exercising. On my first day of using this brace, I was AMAZED at how much it relieved my pain. I couldn’t be happier!

Jamie J.


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