18th September, 2023 | Written by Harvey Nix

Discover Arthritis Relief Through Exercise: The Natural Solution Big Pharma Hides!

One man has shown that exercise does help with knee pain but only if you do this one simple trick.

A physical therapist from Massachusetts has discovered a revolutionary way to get his arthritis patients to get rid of their knee pain through exercise.

Through his discovery, he helped a 67 year old patient who could barely walk for longer than 5 minutes regain his full mobility. He helped another 55 year old woman feel 25 again.

Most recently, he helped a former boxer who suffered a career-ending injury rediscover fitness again. The former martial artist now does biking on the weekends and is a regular swimmer.

Will Rodman is a Harvard-trained physical therapist who specializes in helping people with arthritis heal their arthritis through exercise and movement.

Regular exercise is crucial for people with arthritis because it helps to preserve the range of motion in the knees. As a physical therapist, Will helps his patients keep the joints flexible and prevent stiffness. Will is known for his strengthening routines, which improve the muscles surrounding the joints, boosting support and reducing strain on the knees.

But during the pandemic lockdowns, many of his patients could not go for their routine appointments. Soon, many of his patients lost their progress and were right back to where they started.

One 62-year-old patient said, “My knees are so stiff I can barely get up out of bed in the morning. How am I supposed to do a full routine?”

That’s when Will knew he had to do something about this. As a physical therapist, he knew how important exercise was for arthritis. But how could he convince his patients to exercise when their joints were screaming in pain?

Will dug out his old notes from Harvard and did some deep research online. He read up on the latest in knee health, examined medical case studies, and even interviewed his patients.

After months of study, Will discovered a secret mechanism for healing and improving the knee joints of his patients.

This secret mechanism is natural, inexpensive, and accessible to everyone. It involves boosting your body’s natural healing process to improve the condition of your knees.

“Your body already knows how to heal itself. You just need to tap into that and support it,” Will said.

“Your blood is such an underrated source of healing. Blood carries a lot of oxygen and nutrients and carries that to all the different parts of your body. This oxygen and nutrients keep all your organs running and helps your body heal. So I thought, what if we could use that healing power for your knees?”

Will created a way to increase blood flow to the knees to promote pain relief and heal the knee from arthritis. To achieve this, he used compression, a medical technique that goes back to ancient times. Compression increases blood flow to the area and decreases swelling, a perfect combo for fighting arthritis.

Using these principles, he invented his winning creation: an ultra-effective lightweight knee sleeve that eases knee pain caused by arthritis. Not only that, he made this knee sleeve extra supportive. Attached to the knee sleeves are support straps that give the wearer 360° support. This gives the wearer the freedom to move or bend their knee in any direction without the feeling of their knees giving away.

He called his product the Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve.

To put his creation to the test, he sent his knee sleeve out to his patients.

The Results Were Shocking…

Regained Mobility After a Skiing Accident

Ethan Dillard, 58, began to suffer from arthritis after a skiing accident.

You wouldn't believe it, but last year, I couldn't even walk to my mailbox without wincing in pain," he said. That was until he received his Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve from Will. Five weeks later, Ethan could happily walk his dog around the neighborhood again.

"It's like a miracle. The moment I put on the Koprez sleeve, the support and compression it gave me was game-changing. It didn't just fix my knee. It gave me back my life."

What’s more, my knees weren’t screaming at me like they usually do when I’m on my feet. It felt like the knee sleeve was soaking up all the shock and pressure, no matter if I was walking on smooth ground or a rocky path!

No More Pain After 12 Years of Arthritis

Nora Lee-Frasier began to suffer from arthritis at 51. At 63 years old, she could barely bend her knees due to stiffness and locking. Her concerned daughter sent her to see Will every week as part of her arthritis regimen. But since the pandemic lockdowns, her arthritis was back and worse than ever.

“Within minutes of putting it on, I felt a difference. The compression feels like it's gently massaging the pain away. I didn't think anything could mimic Will's expertise, but this sleeve is close to magical.”

Nora is now an active member of her local tai chi class.

Finally Active After 16 Years of Overweight Arthritis

Brandon Sawyer started to suffer from arthritis at only 39 years old. Overweight all his life, his knee joints couldn’t take the extra pressure from his excess weight. Now 55 years old, his arthritis was slowing him down more than ever. He knew he needed to exercise to lose weight, but the pain made it impossible. He was skeptical about Will’s sleeve but he was desperate for any solution. Now he knows he had no reason to be doubtful.

"The compression is unbelievable. It's like each step I take is cushioned and supported," he said. Within a month, not only was he walking more, but he also started attending water aerobics classes.

"I'm moving, I'm losing weight, and most importantly, I'm living without constant pain. It's been a life-altering experience."

Still Don’t Believe It?

As a Harvard-trained physical therapist, Will understands why people might be skeptical about the mechanism behind his product.

If arthritis was really that easy, why aren’t compression products more popular?

99% of Americans have been brainwashed into thinking arthritis is “natural” or a product of old age.

As a result, it is extremely hard to and even impossible to treat and manage.

Many people go to great lengths and spend tens of thousands of dollars just to ease their knee pain.

Doctors will tell you that a knee replacement is the only solution.

They’ll never tell you that compression can solve the root cause of your arthritis, or else they’ll lose out on profiting from their expensive knee surgeries and doctor’s fees.

This Is the Last Arthritis Treatment You’ll Ever Buy

You’ll never need to buy another medication or see your rheumatologist ever again.


Because the Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve works as a long term solution for arthritis.

The more you wear the sleeve, the more it heals your arthritis from overuse and wear-and-tear.

Take it from Carleen, who has been wearing the sleeve for 18 months straight…

“My arthritis was so bad, I had to stop doing yoga, something that I've loved for years," she shared. When she started using the Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve, she was cautiously optimistic. "I thought maybe it would offer some relief, but I never expected miracles."

Eighteen months down the line, Carleen has more than just relief to talk about. "I went in for my annual MRI, and my doctor was shocked," she exclaimed. "He said my knee joints looked healthy, almost as if the arthritis had reversed."

"Now, not only am I back to yoga, but I'm also training for a 5K. I don't just feel good; I feel better than I have in a decade,” she said.

Try the #1 Knee Sleeve for Arthritis Today

If arthritis has been holding you back from living your best life, you don't have to suffer in silence. Though exercising is a key element in managing arthritis pain, it may come with excruciating pain and an increase in wear and tear if not done properly. With the Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve, you can fully embrace physical activity with no limitations. It provides full protection for your arthritic knees so you can harness the full potential of exercise confidently and comfortably. 

Join Ethan, Nora, Brandon, and Carleen in finding relief and reclaiming mobility with the Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve. Why endure another day of pain and limitations when a life-changing solution is just a click away?

Don't let arthritis define you. Take the first step towards a more active and fulfilling life. Order your Koprez Knee Compression Sleeve now and experience the transformation for yourself!

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    Randy F.

    Incredible knee brace! I’m a fitness/PT leader and active outdoor enthusiast with moderate to severe OA in both knees. I’ve tried so many braces, including $1500 unloading versions (one for each knee). I especially need bracing for Nordic skate skiing. The unloaders worked but are cumbersome. On a whim I bought 2 of these compression braces to try out. I am BLOWN AWAY at how well these braces support my knees and minimize/negate pain! My knees have not felt this good skiing in years! Which allows me to use better form and the correct movement pattern to engage my muscles. Rather than protecting and compensating due to pain. I’ll be skate skiing five days in a row this week (done 3 so far) without knee pain during or after. This makes me so happy!!

    Reply17Sunday, January 10, 2023 02:44 PM
  • avatar

    Macy L.

    I tore my ACL because of an accident years ago. My bad knee prevented me from doing the things I loved to do. When I found out about Koprez, I thought it would be another gimmick, but I was wrong. After putting them on, I could immediately feel the extra support. I used this brace to slowly strengthen my legs and knees, and right now, i'm in the best shape of my life. Just last weekend, I managed to complete a 15 hour hike up and down the tallest mountain in Bali. It was tiring as hell, but my knee managed to hold up through the rough terrain, and even through 8 hours of downhill. Thank you Koprez for giving me my life back. Nothing is going to stop me now!

    Reply8Saturday, January 7, 2023 08:23 AM
  • avatar

    George J.

    The elastic straps with Velcro closure make a big difference. The only problem that I have encountered. is that the Velcro works so good that the end of the strap wants to stick everywhere on the brace and is difficult to remove. What I have learned to do is when I remove the straps, I fold the Velcro part on the strap under thus hiding the gripper part. When I put them back on; I just fold the gripper part back and attach them to the furry Velcro part that's on the brace.

    Reply9Saturday, December 29, 2022 8:35 PM
  • avatar

    David H.

    The brace was a perfect fit. There was no slippage. Helped with reducing pain at my injured left knee. Very pleased with this high quality product. Really love the comfort it gives.

    Reply9Saturday, December 29, 2022 8:35 PM